Keeping employees safe is one of the primary responsibilities of any business owner. This is particularly true if you’re in an industry that requires any kind of work to be completed while working at heights. Every day, workers throughout the world risk their lives to build the structures we live in, work in, pass over, and communicate from. They are people like you and I, and they deserve the best protection available.

“The Best”means that every product that we offer and deliver meets, or exceeds, the toughest standards required by the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).The products that we offer are tested by the manufacturers and verified by a qualified third party, such as the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)designed and produced in accordance withcertification standards. Establishing high safety standards and using the right protection equipment is the best way to make sure that your most valuable asset stays safe.Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. is in the business of helping companies improve the safety of their working environments. We are ready and able to work in any conditions and to build safety network that meets your particular budget and needs. We specialize in safety consulting, safety applications, and safety products for businesses of all sizes.

Fall protection is one of the most important aspects of industrial safety, mainly because falls are one of the most common — and most dangerous — types of accidents. Whether you’re looking for fall protection equipment for railcars or high multi-story buildings, our consulting staff will help you engineer a solution that will maximize safety in even the most complex and dangerous environments.

Pacific Rim Fall Protection, Inc. offers fall protection systems for all sorts of different scenarios. We have experience designing and building systems for trucks and trailers, aircraft hangers, rooftops, cranes, conveyors, dams, bridges, stadiums and countless other situations.

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